Namaste Coaching with Tiaggo Namaste aims to provide a comprehensive methodology on wellness counseling  based on āyurveda, yoga and jyotiṣa. We take monthly sessions that can be on simple 1 hour or complete 2 hours length in order to create the appropriate environment to deep and sustained transformation in your daily routine so that you may feel better tuned to your life purpose.

Tiaggo Namaste

Namaste-Rasas brings sound and light knowledge to coach you towards empowerment of your spirituality through better management of your time, energy and money! We supply you with several resources, both online and presencial, in order to help you to develop your mundane skills plus spiritual awareness. We give our best to deliver you a perfectly tailored solution and thanks for visitings us ^.^


Healthy body
Peaceful mind
​​​​​​​Meaningful life

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Presencial Retreats

JAY Namaste is one clever design for you to experience Jyotisha-Ayurveda-Yoga weekend where you can feel strong benefits of an integrated approach on wellness and spirituality and carry them on to your usual routine.

Rasas Experience

Astonishing culinary and nutrition workshop where you, and your family, may easily undergo through the psychology of āyurveda in a gorgeous “know how to prepare your day-to-day meal” plus “know what to choose to eat for that moment” ..

Yogatherapy Classes

Wholesome practices of yoga āsana praṇāyama and meditation according to āyurveda paradigm of vāta/pitta/kapha unbalances. These are personal or couple private classes in a way you can get a specific program with a blend of therapeutic yogic tools..

Ayurveda Counseling

Mainly interested in improve your physiological health and mental sharpness? āyurveda supports you to learn the art of dynamical management of vāta pitta kapha principles so you can provide enhanced metabolic performance.

Jyotish “Readings”

Perfect clarity of behavioral patterns that bring suffering to our daily lives according to the study of the karmic code which you where born (“your astrological chart”) along with a transcendental psychotherapy that enables you go further  western understanding of ego.

Aśvini Full-line Course

Brand-new system of presencial learning by internet beyond conventional remote recorded classes … Here you get a 6 modules program of āyurveda apprenticeship which will lead you gradually to a full range āyurveda capacitation to work with yourself and to counsel others.

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