An important food workshop that addresses daily eating guidelines as well as āyurveda self-knowledge. On this fast track course you will understand how your digestive process is also directly related to your mind and metabolism.

Through the amazing understanding of rasas in Ayurveda, we will eat and understand how ayurvedic cooking becomes very therapeutic and quite effective to handle with health imbalances and even pathological processes.

Besides, you will be introduced to an unbelievable psychological dimension of ayurvedic "eating" through all the senses. Both theoretical and practical short-cut experience in which you get information about how to prepare a basic lunch meal and broad understanding on what to eat out-of-home in accordance to your body and mind current needs. In one role you will learn the importance and how to consider digestive profile, climate, idade e emoções to know how to prepare your dish to keep those Vata, Pitta e Kapha on track.

Ayurveda Cooking Delights​​​​​​​